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5 Tips for a Simple Bathroom Remodel

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An outdated bathroom can feel like a serious eyesore within a home. On the other hand, bathroom remodels can get expensive, and not everyone can spare that much cash on renovating one room. Luckily there are ways to refresh your bathroom without incredible expense. Try the following tips if you’re considering a bathroom remodel, but need to stay within a budget.

Keep your current layout. Focus on updating style rather than moving everything around. Moving fixtures means moving the plumbing, and that can really run up the bill. Choose new fixtures that fit where the old ones were located, and remember that more affordable fixtures can still look great within an overall design theme. For example, many people think free standing sinks are very attractive. They also happen to be pretty budget-friendly.

If you can only choose one or two new elements, go for flooring. In many cases, flooring is the most outdated element in a bathroom. Shop for options that fit into your budget; there should be plenty of more current styles within any type of flooring.

Refinish, instead of replace. If the cabinets feature an outdated color, consider refinishing and painting them instead of tossing them out. Consider ways to refresh what you already have, rather than shopping for expensive replacements.

Don’t forget lighting. A dim bathroom can seem dull, no matter how well decorated it is. Consider lighting in multiple locations so that every corner of the room feels bright and cheery.

Include ventilation. A bathroom that isn’t well ventilated quickly becomes a bathroom filled with mold or mildew. And that can really ruin your new look! As you plan your bathroom remodel, let’s discuss ventilation options to keep your bathroom looking and smelling its best.

As for budget, just give us a call. We can discuss your bathroom remodel concerns, help you decide where to focus your efforts, and design a new bathroom that fits your style preferences and budget.