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5 Ways to Spruce Up the Outside of Your Home

Now that spring is in full swing, most of us are spending more time outdoors. To add to the enjoyment of your home, consider these simple renovations that will improve both the look and function of your outdoor areas.

Change up your landscaping. Maybe you want to add more seasonal color to the yard, or a row of hedges for privacy. Landscape lighting is another popular feature right now; you can make your home more inviting to guests, while improving safety, by adding a simple low voltage outdoor lighting system.

Upgrade your deck. Some landscapes practically beg for a deck. But after some time, your deck might be looking pretty plain and tired. Power washing and re-staining or painting the wood is a good start to making it more attractive. Customized railings can also upgrade the look. Now what about function? Maybe you would enjoy built-in benches or a covered area for relaxing?

Screen a porch. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a sunny afternoon on your porch. But all those mosquitoes and other insects can certainly detract from the fun! Screening in your porch is one of the easiest ways to bring more enjoyment to your outdoor area, without a ton of work. Screened porches are also enjoyed by pets such as house cats, whom you otherwise might not allow outdoors.

Add an outdoor kitchen. One of the hottest trends in home remodeling right now is the outdoor kitchen. With one project you can take your cookouts to the next level, by adding features like a griddle, refrigerator, deep fryer, or pizza oven. You can even enjoy breakfast outside!

Improve your pool area. Add a shady awning or build a tiki bar, and pool parties will be more fun than ever.

To discuss your ideas in more detail, give us a call. We can help you decide upon a project that fits both your needs and your budget.