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6 Ways to Remodel for Better Storage

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No matter how much you love your home’s floorplan, the decor, the location or anything else, there’s one thing we can usually agree on: You can never have too much storage! Unfortunately, some homes just weren’t designed with adequate storage space in mind, so how can you renovate and add more?

Here are 6 ways to remodel for better storage.

Think vertically. We often look around us for solutions while forgetting to look up. Adding more shelves in the top of a closet provides the perfect space for storage seasonal decorations or seldom-used blankets. A second row of kitchen cabinets, or simply taller ones in place of the current setup, gives you more space for kitchen items you use less often. This idea works in many bathrooms, too.

Rethink kitchen cabinets. Cabinets aren’t just cabinets anymore. Sliding pot racks, lazy Susans, corner cabinets and more can help you make the most of your kitchen cabinets. Just install and enjoy!

Maximize garage space. Your garage provides an obvious storage solution, but it can get cluttered fast. Design and install a custom storage solution along one or two walls, remembering to maximize vertical space. Shelving or cabinets in the garage provide the perfect spot for items you don’t want to store in the house.

Look under the stairs. Many homes include some wasted space underneath staircases. A contractor can often turn that space into a closet, open shelving, or even a small office nook.

Expand your master closet. Wish you had a larger master bedroom closet? In many homes, the floorplan places bedroom closets next to one another, with non-weight-bearing walls in between. Simply knocking out a wall can expand two small closets into one large one.

Build an addition. This is the most complicated option, of course, but it can still be easier than the hassle of listing your home, selling it, and moving. If you love your current location and home, but simply need more room, building an addition can be the perfect solution to your space needs.

Give us a call to discuss your remodeling ideas, and we can help you decide how to proceed with a project that suits your vision and budget.