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7 Details to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is not just a utilitarian space. A well-designed, updated bathroom can not only improve your quality of life; it can also increase the value of your home. But because bathroom remodels can be tricky, you definitely want to plan every aspect in advance so that the project proceeds efficiently as planned.

Consider your time frame. A bathroom remodel can create serious disruption in your home, so consider the timing carefully in light of your schedule and other major events. If you require a quicker remodel, keep this in mind as you make the remaining decisions.

List your primary objectives. Is this remodel purely cosmetic, or is your bathroom in need of some functional updates? This is your opportunity to upgrade anything that is out of date or inconvenient.

Even cosmetic renovations can dramatically impact your budget, so carefully weigh your priorities and focus on the top ones.

Shop around. Browse Pinterest boards or home design blogs for ideas. Sometimes we don’t know what we really want, until we see it! And it would be a shame to discover that information too late in the remodel process.

Evaluate your budget. Leave a bit of wiggle room, in case you change your mind about something during construction. Consider, too, whether you’d rather go for a more modest upgrade now or look into ways of funding your dream bathroom. You want to feel fully satisfied with the results.

Consider the small details. Details such as placement of outlets, wall switches, and lights will make a major impact on the enjoyment of your new bathroom. It’s easy to get carried away planning for the larger, more “fun” elements, but don’t forget these small details that are so important.

Balance form and function. You want the new space to be beautiful, but a bathroom must also function as it should. For example, smaller tiles mean more grout, which lead to a less slippery floor (and the opposite is also true). Before committing to a design you love for aesthetic reasons, evaluate its potential function, too.

Ask for help. Choosing a new design for your bathroom is one thing. Actually, performing electrical work, plumbing, tile cutting, and other skills can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced DIY-er. And in some cases, these tasks can be unsafe. Give us a call to discuss your bathroom remodel, and we can help you evaluate options that suit your design preferences and budget.

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