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7 Things to Consider When Adding a Home Office

Just two years ago, you probably tried to make your office feel like a home away from home. Now, with more and more people permanently working remotely, you might be trying to make one room of your home feel like an office away from the office! And if you don’t have a spare room, you’re trying to carve out a nook somewhere. You might even be considering an addition to your home.

So for those of you evaluating the possibility of adding a home office or renovating an existing area, here are some things to consider.

Adding square footage. When space is already tight, you might need to consider an addition that will serve as your home office. We can help you turn a garage or carport into the space you need, enclose a porch or patio area, finish out the basement, or venture into the attic. Each options has its plusses and minuses, but we can walk you through your options.

Carving out a nook. If you can’t build an addition to your home, we can help you identify other options. What about the space under the stairs, or an unused breakfast nook? We can help you turn small spaces into tidy, efficient work areas.

Consider noise. If you can, locate your home office away from the noisiest parts of the house. We can also help with special materials that reduce sound.

Lighting is important. You need a well-lit space in order to feel motivated, and adequate overhead lighting will help. But whenever you can, do incorporate a window or two. Being able to look outdoors during work is soothing and prevents stress overload.

Consider storage. It’s easier to build in storage space than to add more later. Keep in mind that clutter can be distracting and lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed, and design a space that supports your storage needs.

The little extras. What about a coffee station or mini fridge? Adding these elements can prevent distracting trips to the kitchen. Remember, you’ll need enough outlets and perhaps even a water supply, depending upon the elements you want to incorporate.

What about the kids? Over the past year, many families decided they prefer remote learning or even full homeschooling. Maybe your kids need an “office” too. We can help you decide how to set up a space for both of you to get work done.

And don’t forget: A home office can actually serve as a valuable tax deduction for some people. Talk to your tax professional about how this works, so that you can accurately claim the deduction if it applies to your situation.