3 Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bonus Room

3 Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bonus Room

A bonus room remodel can seem like the most obvious solution to your need for additional living space. But before you get started, consider these three aspects to determine whether this is the right choice for you, and to decide how you want to proceed.

Do you want or need outside access? If your bonus room is outside, consider your doorway options. Sliding glass doors, French doors, and “barnyard” doors can be a great addition and alternative to your standard doorway.

Adding an access door could mean more work and expense, if one doesn’t already exist, but it could also increase your home value and appeal when it’s time to sell. So consider your floor plan carefully.

How much work is involved? Do you need to change the ventilation, add plumbing (for things such as a wet bar), or make changes that will occur inside the walls? Are you adding addition walls or removing existing walls? Do you want to add a bathroom? These are all options that we can help you to explore and we perhaps might even suggest a few things that you haven’t considered.

Think about moisture and ventilation. Depending on what you will use the room for, consider proper ventilation and moisture control. If you’re adding a bathroom, these issues are even more important. Your needs will vary based on the planned usage. For instance, a home theater room will have different lighting and ventilation needs than a home gym. Converting a bonus room to a bedroom comes with it’s own set of issues because now closet space and window placement are bigger issues. Again, these are things that we can help you to decide.

Having said all this, a bonus room remodel can be an excellent way to add the extra space you need. They can provide the room for a home theater, gym, playroom, rec room, or just additional living space. Call us to discuss your ideas for a bonus room remodel, and we can help you learn what to expect from this worthwhile project.