How To Incorporate The Mixed Metals Trend Into Your Home

How To Incorporate The Mixed Metals Trend Into Your Home

In the past, we tended to assume that we must stick to only one metal tone when remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, or other area of the home. But recent trends point toward mixing different metals, to create a look that is more interesting and eclectic.

Of course, as with any other design trend, there are right and wrong ways to include mixed metals in your decor. Do it right, and you achieve a stylish look that you will enjoy for years. Do it wrong, and your design looks hastily thrown together or incomplete. So, here’s what you need to know about the mixed metals trend.

Make a plan. Using mixed metals doesn’t mean you simply choose a variety of materials and hope for the best. The success of this design trend rests upon proper planning. Ask yourself about the look you hope to achieve. Working with a professional designer can help you to ask the right questions and narrow your options.

Consider a dominant metal, and then add accents. It is still best to choose one dominant metal finish, but then add others as a contrast. For example, all of your appliances and cabinet hardware might be stainless steel, but you offset that with a bright brass sink faucet and overhead light fixtures. Contrast adds depth and interest when done correctly; otherwise, it can just look scattered and disorganized.

Limit yourself. Two or three complementary metal finishes will successfully create the mixed metals look. Try to add more than that, and your design will probably fall apart. Consider your overall balance of warm and cool tones, and avoid adding so many different elements and colors that you undermine the overall look.

If you’re interested in the mixed metals trend, let’s discuss those ideas before we get started with your renovation. Together we can make a plan for a cohesive design that suits your aesthetic preferences and stands the test of time.