The Rise Of Multi-Functional Spaces

The Rise Of Multi-Functional Spaces

Over the past year, many of us have changed the way we live and work. And with those changes we’ve seen the rapid development of new trends in home design. One new trend that is prompting quite a few remodeling projects is the concept of multi-functional spaces.

Perhaps you now work from home, homeschool, or spend more time pursuing indoor hobbies. Maybe your gym closed down or you prefer to work out at home now. And if the kids are stuck at home, you’re looking for new ways to keep them entertained. On top of all that, we’re all eating at home more often than dining in restaurants these days, so you might wish to add an area for home entertainment while you enjoy dinner as a family. Home theater, anyone?

But of course, we only have so many square footage in our floor plans. So if you need to add a home office, playroom, home gym, theater, or hobby area, you might be considering a multi-functional space, that can provide for all of your needs within one area.

That’s probably why we’ve heard from so many homeowners who are interested in finishing out their basements or enclosing garages. Large spaces such as these work perfectly for multi-functional rooms. You can divide them up with walls, or simply use clever furniture placement to designate different areas of the room.

And since you’re adding space anyway, why not consider how that room can be used in the future? Throw in a sleeper sofa, and you’ve got yourself a guest room. Add a ballet barre along one wall, and your home gym can provide the perfect space for your young dancer to practice. A large table in the playroom can be used to wrap gifts and make crafts during the holidays.

If you’re interested in adding more square footage to your home, give us a call. We can help you design the perfect, multi-functional space to accommodate your growing and changing needs.