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Dealing With the Hassle of a Kitchen Remodel

Now that you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, the fun part begins. You get to choose new cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more. But there’s one part of a kitchen remodel that is not so fun: You’ll be living with a deconstructed kitchen for several days to several weeks, depending upon the extent of your project. And during that time, preparing food will be difficult to impossible. You will also deal with louds noises and a crew of strangers in your home. How do you deal with the hassle of a kitchen remodel?

Consider staying somewhere else. For those who are most upset by noise and inconvenience, staying somewhere else during the remodeling process can be a wise choice. Hotels are a common option, but those who want to save money could stay with friends or family nearby. Check out Air BnBs and other creative solutions, too.

Compare your own work hours to your contractor’s work hours. If you’ll be gone for most of the time that your work crew is installing your new kitchen, you won’t be nearly as bothered by all of the noise and disruption. Those who work from home might consider alternate, short-term workspaces.

Set up a “mini kitchen” elsewhere in the home. A mini fridge can keep sandwich items and other foods cold, and a toaster oven can handle some basic food preparation. Your meals might be simpler during this time, but consider it a break from the hassle of cooking and doing dishes.

Take-out is your friend. Most people love take-out on occasion, but it’s not always the healthiest option. Remember that nearby grocery stores might offer deli options and salad bars to make your evening meals a snap.

Take a “kitchen vacation”. Maybe you don’t want to add any more to the cost of your kitchen remodel, but were you planning to take a vacation this year anyway? Even a simple trip to visit family could be scheduled at the same time as your kitchen renovation. Imagine coming home to a beautiful, brand-new kitchen!

Finally, there’s one last hassle with kitchen remodels that has nothing to do with noise or food preparation… What will you do with all of this leftover stuff? List your old appliances, cabinets, and other discarded items on Facebook Marketplace or another selling app. You could earn back a bit of cash to help cover all of those restaurant meals. Or, do a good deed and donate your materials to a family in need or a group like Habitat for Humanity.

A kitchen remodel can be hectic, but don’t let it stress you out. Share your concerns with us, and we can help you navigate your renovation process to the best of our ability.