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Designing a Master Suite Addition

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Whether you’re designing it for yourself, or getting a home ready to “flip”, a master suite is often considered one of the most important additions you can make to a house. Even if the home already has a master suite, adding a second can provide enormous benefits to the homeowner.

Some of these benefits can include:

  • Extra space and privacy for guests; adding a master suite is easier and more affordable than building a separate guest house.
  • Accommodate changing needs of the family; create a mother-in-law suite, give teens more privacy, or allow an adult child to move back home.
  • Provide a space for Air BnB guests or long-term renters, to allow for increased income.
  • Accommodate a guest or family member who needs a master suite on the main level.
  • Create a work-from-home environment with privacy and a bathroom.
  • Provide for your long-term needs; at some point, you might wish to have your main bedroom on the ground floor.
  • Additions that include bathrooms add monetary value to any property.

As you plan your master suite addition, consider the following…

  • Some people prefer showers; others prefer tubs. Why not include both?
  • Walk-in closets are ideal, if the space provides for one.
  • Include as many storage options as possible.
  • Sitting areas or office space makes the room more multi-functional.
  • Bathrooms could include extra vanity spaces or double sinks, for couples.
  • Make sure the bathroom provides convenient “travel flow” and storage.

Adding a master suite can give your home much more versatility, make it useful to your needs for much longer, raise the value of your home, and allow for more creative living arrangements or even rental income. If you’re considering a master suite addition, give us a call so that we can walk you through your options. Together we can design a suite that meets your needs or those of your guests.