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How to Schedule Your Home Remodeling Projects

Let’s say you find a home in the perfect location at a great price, but it needs a serious cosmetic overhaul. Or, you’ve been in your home for quite some time, and you decide that extensive remodeling is preferable to the hassle of moving and today’s high real estate prices. Whatever the reason, sometimes a property needs a lot of work. How do you know where to begin?

There are several ways to approach your remodeling schedule, but we suggest that you consider the projects from the following angles before making any final decisions.

Do some renovations put money back into your pocket? Replacing all the windows with energy efficient ones can lower your power bill, for example. It’s often wise to complete these types of projects first, because you can begin saving money right away.

Consider convenience. Let’s assume that both of the bathrooms in your home are seriously out of date. Do you hire someone to renovate both of them at the same time? It might feel good to get it over with, but where will you use the bathroom and shower in the meantime? Consider practical issues such as these before diving into a remodel that quickly becomes inconvenient and stressful.

Do you need a new roof? A new roof will often come before anything else. Why? Because there’s no point in performing a bunch of cosmetic renovations that will just get ruined if they’re damaged in the next rain event. Roofs are often high on the priority list.

What about safety? It’s not the most fun thing to renovate, but if your electrical system needs work it would be wise to start there. Ditto for anything else that compromises the safety of your home.

Consider both short- and long-term goals. Before starting any renovations now, consider your long-term goals for the property. Will your current project help to accommodate future plans, or complicate them? Perform renovations with these goals in mind.

If you’re considering several major renovation projects, you’ll be placing a lot of pieces into a larger puzzle. We can help you see the big picture! Give us a call, and we will help you evaluate your end goals and make a renovation plan that works for your property.