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Improve Your Home With an Addition

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At some point, we can feel as though we’ve outgrown our homes. Either we need more space, or the house doesn’t suit our purposes anymore, or something else just isn’t quite right about it. So you might begin thinking of selling it and moving… But what a hassle! And what if your location is perfect, and it’s the house itself that doesn’t satisfy you? That’s what renovations and additions are for. Adding an addition to your home is a terrific option that can improve the property in a number of ways, such as…

Added space. The main reason to build an addition is to add square footage to your floorplan. Maybe your family is growing, or you need more storage. Whatever the reason, more room can be the solution.

Make room for visitors. Adding a guest suite can make room for grandparents or other visitors, and help you create fun family memories. Host everyone for the holidays or enjoy more family bonding time throughout the year. Your guests will appreciate the savings on hotel expenses too.

Accommodate your changing family. Maybe an adult child needs to move back home, or your mother-in-law needs to move in. Adding an addition can help you enjoy multi-generational living, which is growing in popularity and helping many families save money.

Bring in extra income. Building a guest suite can give you space to rent out a room, and bring extra income into your household.

Accommodate an employee. Maybe you’re expecting triplets, and know you’ll need a nanny to help out. Or you’re concerned about your age or health, and need a home health care worker. Sometimes it can be easier to accommodate a household employee within the home.

Save on moving expenses. Not only is selling your home and moving expensive; it can also be expensive! If your current home is almost perfect, why not invest in making it exactly what you want?

Live a dream. Maybe you dream about an in-home dance studio, a library, or a music room. Your addition can provide the space to enjoy your hobbies at home, and share them with your family.

Enjoy your home more. The addition of a room such as a sunroom or home theater helps you enjoy relaxing at home.

Increase your home’s value. You might still want to sell the property someday. Additional square footage, especially a bathroom, can add value to your home and increase the final selling price.

All of these, and probably others, are great reasons to consider a home addition. But the process can be tricky, so make sure to research all of your options carefully. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans, and we can help you learn what to expect and how much it might cost.