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Matching Your Kitchen Renovation to Your Budget

When you’re renovating your kitchen, you’re probably dreaming of matching appliances, cabinets that coordinate with countertops, and some extras like a nice backsplash or a new sink. All together, you want your kitchen redesign to be both visually appealing and functional. But there’s one more piece of the puzzle that must fit with the rest: You want your kitchen remodel to match your budget.

The average cost of a kitchen remodel these days is running about $22,000, but that figure can vary widely in either direction. It all depends upon the features you choose and the number of elements that need to change.

With regard to cabinets and countertops – a major component of almost all kitchen renovations – you face two primary options at the beginning of the design phase. These options will drastically impact the final cost of the project.

Option #1: The budget option. If you’re on a budget, opt for pre-fabricated (often made in China) cabinets and hire an affordable contractor to install them. Add in some countertops from the lower end of the price range, and you can probably limit the cost of the project to $10,000 or a bit less. The down side of this option is that your design choices will be more limited, and the cabinets will probably come with a very limited warranty of just a few years.

Options #2: Your dream kitchen (or something much closer to it). If you’re working with a roomier budget, go for custom, locally made cabinetry. The project will require a bit more time, but you will achieve a much higher quality result. The cabinets will likely be covered by a lifetime warranty, and you can choose from a much wider range of styles and finishes. This is the option to choose if you expect to stay in your home for many years in the future, and want to fully enjoy your kitchen.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, call us to discuss your options. We can help you design a kitchen that matches your budget.