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One Way to Completely Change the Look of Your Kitchen

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How do you feel each time you walk into your kitchen? If you immediately notice that it feels dated, out of fashion, and dreary, you probably wish you could change the entire look of the room. But of course, a complete kitchen renovation can rack up quite a bill. If you can’t afford to completely redo the entire room, is there one change you could make that would instantly brighten the room and help it to feel more modern?

Yes! In fact, we do know of a way to accomplish this. The number one change that will completely alter the look and feel of a kitchen is… Update your cabinets!

Think about how much room, both physically and visually, your cabinets occupy in the kitchen. They probably cover two or more walls, perhaps wrapping around the entire room. And the cabinets are one of the first things you notice when entering the kitchen. If they’re stained or painted a color that doesn’t agree with you, that one shade will overwhelm the entire room. If it’s a color that was popular in decades past, the entire room will feel dated.

To update the cabinets and renovate the look of your kitchen, we have two options:

  1. Purchase and install new cabinets
  2. Repaint or re-stain the existing cabinets

If your budget is more generous, we recommend replacing the old cabinets with updated options. Not only will you get brand-new, more attractive cabinets; they will function better, too. You can add organizational options as desired, and make your kitchen more functional as well as beautiful.

If your budget is more limited, however, you can still achieve a beautiful new kitchen by sanding and then repainting or staining your cabinets in a new color. You can choose a shade that is more up to date with current trends, and brighten up the room with just one project.

The great thing about this change is that you can renovate in stages, if your budget requires you to do so. After replacing the cabinets with a more attractive option, you can later install a stylish backsplash, new flooring, and so on. Over time you can make changes that eventually lead to the kitchen of your dreams.

To learn more about the cost and timeline of replacing or renovating your kitchen cabinets, give us a call. We can offer you quotes on what to expect either way, so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

Change the Look of Your Kitchen