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Renovating a Bathroom for Greater Accessibility

If you’re renovating a bathroom, there are a number of design features that can help you make it more accessible to the elderly or disabled. You might have visitors who would appreciate ease of use, or you might need these features now or in the future yourself. If you ever decide to rent the home, having an accessible bathroom can make your home more appealing to some prospective renters. And perhaps you would just appreciate peace of mind, knowing that if you should experience an illness or injury, bathroom troubles are at least one complication that won’t occur.

Whatever your reasoning, making a bathroom more accessible can be a relatively simple thing to do. If this is a priority for you, we should discuss your design ideas before starting work on the room. You might considering including features such as…

A higher toilet. This is a feature appreciated not just by the elderly and disabled, but by many taller people as well! In most cases this change is as simple as picking out a new, taller toilet at a home improvement store.

A walk-in shower. Stepping over a tub edge and onto a slippery surface can theoretically be dangerous for anybody. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, a walk-in shower offers a stylish and much more convenient alternative. Include bench seating across from the showerhead if you or a visitor have trouble standing for long periods of time.

Grab bars and/or handrails. These options can help you stay steady on your feet when walking on wet surfaces, and help you to get up and down off of the toilet or shower bench.

A wide doorway. Wider doorways better facilitate wheelchairs and walkers, or those who need personal assistance getting into the bathroom.

Smooth flooring. Consider flooring options that are smooth, but not slippery, to reduce the odds of dangerous falls.

Even if you don’t currently need any of the above options, they can be great to have for numerous reasons. As you plan your bathroom remodel, let’s discuss ways to make your bathroom safer and friendlier to more users both now and in the future.

Renovating A Bathroom