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Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat

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There are many reasons to remodel a bathroom. Sometimes the room is simply outdated and unattractive. Other times, the layout and function is inconvenient. And perhaps there’s been some damage or appliances or worn out.

If you’re remodeling anyway, why not take things up a notch, and turn your bathroom into a spa-like environment? With a few simple adjustments to your remodel plan, you can reap more enjoyment out of the room and add a soothing retreat to your home.

Choose cool colors. As you choose paint, wallpaper, or tile colors, consider cool tones that feel soothing to your senses.

Add electrical outlets. If you plan to use numerous appliances for hair styling or spa treatments, make sure you have enough electrical outlets and that they’re located in the right places.

Consider lighting. Lighting is important in any bathroom, but you might prefer softer lighting or adjustable options such as a dimmer switch.

Mirrors add to the ambiance. Large, sparkling clean mirrors add the to the “spa effect”. Position mirrors where you anticipate needing them for spa treatments.

Consider seating. Long spa treatments can result in considerable “down time” as you wait. Leave space in the bathroom for a comfortable chair, or install a padded bench seat.

Remember storage. You might need extra storage for large, fluffy towels and spa treatment supplies.

And of course, a bathtub is a necessity. A roomy bathtub is an absolute must. Consider your “must haves” and your “nice to haves” as you select a new bathtub. Space to stretch out and relax is almost always a “must have” for everyone, while jacuzzi jets can be optional. But if you’re investing in a new tub anyway, get the most features that you can for your money.

Add the extras. Extra touches like a heated towel bar can take your bathroom to the next level.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We can help you anticipate which features best suit your lifestyle, and together we’ll design a bathroom that feels like a soothing spa retreat.