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Mountain Grey

TEST ITEMS                                      TEST METHODS        TEST RESULTS
Apparent Density                                 EN14617-1:2005       2340kg/mᶟ
Water Absorption                                 EN14617-1:2005       0.04%
Flexural Strength                                 EN14617-2:2008       49.9MPa
Thermal Shock Resistance                  EN14617-6:2005        “Mass Loss: 0.03%
Slip Resistance (polished)                   EN14231:2003           RV “dry”: 63   SRV “wet”: 14
Abrasion Resistance (polished)           EN14617-4:2005        23.8mm
Impact Resistance                               EN14617-9:2005        4.38J
Chemical Resistance                           EN14617-10:2005      Surface finish is unaffected by the reagents
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient  EN14617-11:2005      28.20×10⁻⁶/⁰C
Mohs Hardness                                    EN101                       6~7 Mohs
High Temp. Resistance                        ASTM E84                  No cracking, no blistering, no color differences
Colorfastness and again test (200h)                                      No cracking, no crazing, no blistering, ΔΕ is 1.68
Mirror Glossiness                                  ASTM D523-08          55

  • Countertop Size: 9'x2', 9'x3', 9'x42", 9'x52"
  • Countertop Profile: Laminated Edge / Mitered Edge (Seamless
  • Slab Size: 120"x63"
  • Surface Finish: Polished